Some Kinda Remix: Art by Caitlin Peck
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM September, 9 2017 to September, 9 2017

When trying to remember details of the everyday, we receive only a glimpse of reality. After a while, Time steals the one thing we think we always have – our memories – and things become jumbled. What we are left with are symbols. These symbols have meaning, a connection, that are specific to our history. Some Kinda Remix is my exploration in identifying and assembling these symbols, to define context where there is none. Juxtaposing moments of manic detail with serene negative space, I suspend a horror vaccui, an imaginative compulsion to fill the page. In this act, the viewers’ opinions of what happens in the rest of the story is as good as mine.

Second Saturday Reception September 9, 2017  6 – 8pm