Seductive Striptease Pop Up!
3:45 PM to 4:45 PM February, 10 2018 to February, 10 2018

Has winter left you racing home to put on your favorite comfy stretchy pants and binge watching anything to distract you from the cold? While thats definitely a great way to spend some time, it maybe shouldn’t be adopted as a permanent way of life. Lets stop hibernating and lets reclaim our confidence!  A strip tease work out class will snap you out of your sweatpants exile and leave you feeling strong and sexy! Feeling attractive and self-confident leads to securing that dream job, world peace and more hours in the day! Or at least it can get you out of your house and laughing with real people, not just Saturday Night Live on Netflix.

Pinki from Flaunt Fitness will lead you through a strip tease routine as well as a chair dance routine in a supportive and fun atmosphere. Bring a friend, sip some champagne and treat yo self, 2018.  Wear workout friendly clothes and feel free to BYOB or sip some champagne we provide in our inclusive and supportive environment!