Parenting S.O.S. (Winter 1)
Monday 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM January, 15 2018 to February, 12 2018

Parenting is hard!!  With an experienced roster of guest instructors, this weekly series offers practical solutions for some of the common problems parents face in day to day life.

Register A La Carte for the workshop that best meets your family’s needs.  Please do so at least 24 hours in advance.  Registration automatically closes the day before each workshop.

Week 1 Jan 15th: How NOT to Dad Dance with Margot Steinberg – learn some easy dance moves for the next wedding dance floor you find yourself on!  P.S. Moms: this is not just for Dads.  You know you look like Elaine Benes out there.

Week 2 Jan 22: Picky Eaters with Megan Haupt of Hungry Education.  Your kid has only eaten PB&J for the past 3 weeks straight.  Time for an intervention.

Week 3 Jan 29: No one wants to talk or think about estate planning. But you have to.  Plan for a bright future or the worst case scenario with estate planning lawyer, Steve Zelinger.

Week 4: TBA

Week 5:

Real-Life Resolutions 

Who says resolutions are just for NYE? If New Years Eve came and went without any resolutions or maybe you made the same ones that you have been making for the last ten years. Join Best Of Philly Winner and Good Day Philly Contributor, Parenting Coach, Brandi Davis to talk about 6 real life resolutions that are doable and will change you year, your family and really your life. Be happier, less stressed, end the feeling of constant parenting (negotiating, intervening, redirecting, yelling….).