Ananda Connolly: This House These Hands
Saturday 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM September, 2 2017 to September, 2 2017

Ananda is an artist working primarily in printmaking processes, non-silver photography and book arts. Trained in Philadelphia at the University of the Arts and Tyler School of Fine Art and Crafts, in photography and art education, she maintains an active teaching practice and photography business.

Much of her work has developed through the examination of relationships between people, and objects, and nature. A strong narrative focus can be seen in many pieces; an effort capture, remember and share the stories she’s found. Book arts and printmaking combine an attraction to working in raw materials and using their inherent properties to create an image or object. Her books often combine various media, including drawings, prints, photography, digital manipulation, and sculptural elements.

Currently, Ananda is combining natural science research with wood block printing and book arts to study pollinators and their relationship with human commerce and its environmental impact.

Hemaris Thysbe, is the first of what she hopes to be a long series.

Ananda’s show is up throughout the month of August.  Please stop by and enjoy the show as you are wandering the Avenue or during one of our classes!  We will celebrate her wonderful work with a closing reception on Saturday, September 2 from 6 – 8 PM.