Learn. Create. Illuminate.

A good mission statement answers the following questions:

What do we do? Lume inspires people to feel free and be creative!

How do we do it? We offer quality arts programming and exciting events in a joyful, supportive, and inviting atmosphere.

Whom do we do it for? We are here to serve the diverse neighborhoods surrounding East Passyunk Avenue but have open arms and doors to the rest of our city of brotherly love.

What value are we bringing? Educational enrichment, a sense of belonging, and freedom of expression. We give the everyday person a creative outlet and the recognition of potential in their own ideas and abilities.

So, Lume’s official mission is to ignite a special spark of imagination in each member of our community. We inspire participants to be creative and productive by offering quality classes and exciting events in a joyful, supportive, and inviting atmosphere.

Be brave!  Try something new!  Register for a class, workshop, or event.  We hope to see you soon!